Hoboken Moving Policy

Terms & Conditions

Impractical Operations

The mover and/or warehouseman is not liable for the execution of a move, storage, or delivery, when any of the following impede or otherwise make impractical the same: acts of God, including any natural, geological, or meteorological occurrence or disaster; any acts of war, declared or undeclared; any civil disturbances, including, insurrection, rebellion, riot; any labor dispute, strike or lockout; any acts of the state or federal government regarding nationalization, sanction, embargo, or blockade; any acts of foreign invasion or hostilities; any acts of terrorism; any interruption of a public utility or internet service; severely inclement weather; any inadequate or unsafe road, highway, street, or driveway conditions, or major construction or repair of the same or any major access obstructions at either the origin or destination; as well as any situations where the moving crew is or might be personally endangered or threatened with physical harm.

Infestation/ Fumigation

With respect to any household or commercial goods transported by the mover, which are, have been reasonably demonstrated to be, infested with ants, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, or any dangerous or disease bearing insect, as a result of the condition of the shipper’s premises, at either origin or destination, the mover reserves the right t refuse shipment of such goods, (a) entirely or (b) after they have been duly certified by a fumigation specialist to be free of the manifest or discreet infestation.

With respect to any household or commercial goods transported by the mover, infested with ants, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, or any dangerous or disease bearing insect, as a result of the condition of the shippers premises, at either origin or destination, and the same having infested the moving vehicle as a result of the move, all costs resulting from any fumigation, or other acts or procedures necessary to return the moving vehicle to a sanitary state, will be charged back to the shipper.

Preparing Articles: It is shipper’s responsibility for removal or placement of property from or to attics, basements walls and to make property available for servicing where the location of property and goods to be shipped or delivered is (1) not accessible by a permanent stairway (does not include ladders of any type), (2) not adequately lighted, (3) does not have a flat continuous floor, or (4) does not allow a person to stand erect.

Articles: Conditionally Restricted Perishable foods requiring refrigeration; all live plants; motorcycles; hot tubs; any tools/machines, unless the fuel has been emptied by the shipper.

Articles: Completely Restricted Any species of exotic and domestic animals; hazardous materials; explosives; live ammunition; firearms and weapons of any type; any items of extraordinary value jewels, jewelry, gems, precious metals, gold, silver or platinum articles watches, precious stones, pearls, furs or garments trimmed with fur, currency, money, bullion, bonds, notes, stock, stock certificates or other securities, accounts bills, bills of exchange, evidence of debt, credit cards, stamp-postage, stamp collections, revenue, trading-or letter or packets of letters .

Articles: Extraordinary Value Items of extraordinary value, as defined by contract law, including but not limited to, documented antiques of any type, documented artwork of any type, and other personal heirlooms will not be moved, unless accompanied by specific proof of insurance for the same


NOTICE: Please be advised that the purchaser should obtain adequate insurance to protect them from loss or damage of goods. The company does not insure goods damaged for the account of the owner beyond standard valuation of .60/lb and $5.0/lb for electronics. For example, if you have a vase valued at $1,000.00 but it weighs two pounds, the mover is, in most cases only required to reimburse you the sum of $1.20. If you would like to request additional coverage of 100% replacement cost of all goods shipped . Please call 1 (800) 356-0099 or visit : www.bakerintl.com. Using the following Baker registration #19335 they will need the estimated weight or cube of the shipment along with your quote.


  1. The company at their sole option has the right to salvage of the damaged article(s).
  2. The carrier shall not be liable for “Ready to Assemble Furniture” made of engineered wood and paper laminate finish due to the inherent risk and sub-standard structural integrity of this type of furniture.
  3. The carrier’s maximum liability shall be the either actual DEPRECIATED VALUE or REPLACEMENT VALUE for loss or damaged item.
  4. In the event of loss to any article or articles which is/are part of a set, the measure of loss to that article or articles shall apply only to the value of the piece or part that incurred the loss giving consideration to the importance of said articles, but in no event shall that loss be construed to mean loss of the total pair or set.
  5. FRAGILE ARTICLE – We are responsible for damage to fragile articles only when our employees pack, move, and unpack them.
  6. CONTENTS OF CONTAINERS – We are not responsible for the contents of drawers, containers or other items of similar nature unless there is proven negligence.
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