Local Moves

There is always something exciting about a move, even if you’re only moving down the street or across town. You get to change locations and are given an excellent opportunity to transform your life. Not only can you change the general look of the new space you now live in but you can also make modifications to improve your lifestyle because you are getting a fresh start. Many people move when they want to start a family and that is the most exciting change there is! Of course, for a move to be done properly there needs to be careful planning to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Even local moves can be incredibly stressful, tedious, and at times even frustrating. That’s why it is important to find a local moving company that is communicative, reliable, and efficient. At Good Life Moving Service we know how important it is to every home and business owner that each and every move goes as smooth as possible. That’s why our expert team relies on direct communication and hard work, providing each of our Hoboken customers with the service that they want and deserve.


Local Movers: Services that Guarantee Your Peace of Mind

If moving house or relocating your office was a walk in the park, people would do it more often, and there wouldn't be a whole industry of local movers' services designed to make your life easier. The reality is that moving, even short distances, is the furthest thing from easy, especially if you're not used to lifting and transporting bulky and heavy items all day. 

When you entrust our licensed and fully insured professionals with your next move, you're investing in a hassle-free experience allowing you to focus on your work, settle your family into your new neighborhood, and meet your new neighbors. If you'd like us to take care of packing and unpacking, we're equipped for that. Alternatively, you could just have us pack delicate and expensive items like technology. Whatever your level of need, we'll customize our moving services to meet your every expectation. 

Call today to learn more about our full suite of professional moving services. 

Short Distance Movers Who Go the Extra Mile for You

Will your busy schedule prevent you from being able to pack up your household the way you'd like to? Perhaps your work responsibilities make it difficult to schedule the time off needed to ensure your move goes smoothly on your own. Maybe you just don't know anyone with muscles and a truck who also has some time to spare on the weekend. Better yet, you might be hesitant to entrust your beloved furnishings to the hands of your well-meaning friends. 

It goes without saying that there are many different reasons to consider hiring short-distance movers. It's always a relief to know there are locally trained and licensed professionals who can help with jobs of all sizes. From just a little help packing the truck and transporting your belongings to a new place to white glove services and everything in between, we're always here with trusted solutions when you need them. 

Get ahold of us to discuss your goals with a qualified professional with many years of local service. Call today to schedule a risk-free consultation. 

Local Moving Quotes: Get a Reliable Estimate Here 

If you've received a local moving quote that sounds too good to be true, we caution you against acting on it without doing your homework first. The risk is that the quality promised up front won't be delivered, and when it comes to your household possessions and business assets, that's just too significant a risk to take. 

Over the years, we've built a solid reputation serving residential and commercial clients in our local area. You won't have trouble finding evidence of impeccable service on our behalf. Call us first to get the best rates and a reliable estimate that is not subject to change without notice. 

Let Our Local Movers Do the Heavy Lifting 

Our local movers are a hand-selected team of dedicated individuals with up-to-date insurance, safety training, and industry certifications. We go out of our way to ensure our technicians are a good fit for our high standards because we know our ability to meet your exacting standards depends on it. 

In addition to vetting our personnel carefully, we provide our moving crews with the best safety equipment, packing materials, and moving technology possible to ensure your belongings arrive in excellent condition. 

Good Life Moving Service’s Local Residential Moving Services

Our staff takes every precaution to ensure that each of your belongings is taken care of properly!

  • For fragile items we offer bubble wrapping services. Each sensitive possession is double wrapped to ensure its safety.
  • We also offer several sizes of moving van. We have you covered no matter how big your move is!
  • We triple check to see that everything is moved to the new location in safety and security.

Good Life Moving Service’s Local Office Moving Services for Businesses in Hoboken

Moving your business across town is especially taxing because you may need to have paperwork filled out, or sensitive equipment moved. At Good Life Moving Service, we are able to handle any requisite moving paperwork as well as any time sensitive moving requirements. We take special care to make a list of all the boxes, furniture and other equipment that need to be moved so we can plan a strategy on how to best move your Hoboken business.

Whether your move will take a couple of hours or span a few days, Good Life Moving Service is here to get the job done. We will keep you informed every step of the way and are always ready to listen to any and all of your concerns.

Make Your Move Easier, Call Good Life Moving Service

Whether you are moving an office or a residences, it is important to you that your possessions make it to their new home safely, and quickly. That’s why Good Life Moving Service offers Hoboken residents and business owners across town, a moving service that is unrivaled by our competition. We work hard to maintain the reputation we have earned. One that guarantees efficiency, respect and customer satisfaction. We would like to thank all of our previous clients that have called upon our services and helped us become the success we are today!

Call us today for a free quote. Our movers are here to help anytime! We look forward to hearing from you!