Long Distance Moving in Jersey City

According to the last US census, nearly 15% of the population moved in one year—and of that group, roughly 7.6 million Americans moved to a different state. With so much to discover from sea to shining sea, it’s no wonder why so many Americans take advantage of our freedom to move anywhere they please in this great country.

Moving to a new house in the same neighborhood can sometimes be a huge adjustment. Can you imagine how difficult it is to move to a totally new state or time zone? It’s certainly not an easy decision to make, but it is at least made a lot easier knowing that you have experienced, professional, licensed and bonded long-distance movers helping you and your belongings arrive at your destination in one piece.

Good Life Moving Service has been serving Jersey City resident for years, assisting them in the planning, organizing, packing, cleaning and moving to wherever they need to go. For all your moving needs, local or long distance, our movers have years of experience completing moves for satisfied customers. To discuss your moving needs in detail with one of Good Life Moving Service’s representatives, call (973) 675-2000.

Planning a Long-Distance Move

Local moves are stressful enough with all the organizing, packing and cleaning required before you even begin physically transporting all your furniture, boxes, etc. to your new home. This is process is even more strenuous if it’s more than a few miles away. In our professional opinion, the key to a successful long-distance move comes from thorough planning.

By knowing in advance where you are moving to, Good Life Moving Service can begin planning our route. This is important because anticipating clearance issues as well as various state regulations can have a huge impact on our plan. If you have an understanding of how your new home is laid out, we can also plan ahead for the unloading process, allowing you to settle in to your new home faster.

We are also happy to provide clients with in-home moving estimates. One of our representatives will come to your home and conduct a visual survey of all the items you are moving. This gives us an idea of the labor required to complete your move and we will provide you with a cost estimate so that you can make an informed decision.

Full-Service Long-Distance Moves

We are proud to provide Jersey City residents with the most reliable and comprehensive full- service movers. We can help you with:

  • Packing your whole house, no matter the size of your belongings
  • Fragile packing services
  • Providing all the necessary packing materials including standard boxes, mattress bags, mirror boxes, china barrels, stretch wrap, etc.
  • Loading and unloading
  • Storage
  • Installation and assembly services

Don’t subject yourself to more stress. A long-distance move is stressful enough on its own because you’re starting a new life in a completely different part of the country. Let Good Life Moving Service make this process a little bit easier by lending our professional expertise to your upcoming long-distance move.

When the commercial businesses of Hackensack need a reliable moving service: Good Life Moving

When your business needs to make a change they need a company that they can trust. Good Life Moving Service, LLC works hard for our Hackensack clients because moving their business and how we do it is a direct reflection on our business. Give us a call today!

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