Long Distance Moving in Hoboken

Moving across the country or international borders is a lot of work. At Good Life Moving Service, we’ve got the resources and the know-how to turn your long-distance move into a pleasant experience. Forget about the move—focus your attention on how you’ll decorate your new home, instead. Call us now at (973) 675-2000 for a free quote and watch as your move-related stress evaporates.


Moving Services Estimates

We calculate our fees based on the amount we move and the distance we move it. Let us know where you’re planning to go and what you’re planning to bring, and we’ll put together a no-obligation quote for you.

Packing Services for the Long Haul

Packing your belongings can be a time-consuming affair. But it doesn’t have to be. Our company offers full and partial packing services. We’ll even bring all the packing tape, boxes, and bubble wrap you need!

If it’s your valuables that you’re concerned about, we have good news. We treat all your belongings with extreme care. Whether it’s a stuffed teddy bear or an antique rocking chair—every item is handled with respect for your property. Rest assured it will arrive in the same condition it left.

One Mover for Every Kind of Move

Have you decided to move for a change of scenery? Or is your entire office being relocated? Whether your move is for an individual, a family, or an entire company office, our moving team is up to the task. We have the best equipment to lift, carry, and load just about anything! Get in touch to learn more.   

Long Distance Movers with Flexible Shipping

By air, sea, or road—wherever you need to go and however you want to get there—we’ve got an option for you. Going across international borders into unknown territory? No problem. We are specialists in clearing customs. We’ll set you up with all the necessary paperwork and preparation to get your belongings to your final destination in one piece.

Departure to Final Destination: A Moving Company That Has Your Back

Not sure we’re as good as we say we are? See for yourself why we’re the recommended moving company in the area on our testimonial page. We’ve proudly moved our clients satisfactorily thousands of miles, and we have no intention of stopping. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your move.

Long Distance Moving Services with Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you want the bed loaded into the truck before the chairs, we’ll do that. If you decide that your antique table should be moved in one piece, we’ll do that too. Your property, your say. That’s our motto. Our moving team is here to serve you with unrivaled professionalism.

Your Go-To Movers Company

Good Life Moving Service has planned and complete thousands of miles worth of successful moves. From point A to point B, we have every aspect of your journey covered, with no pit stops along the way! Contact our moving experts now for a free estimate.

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